When I’m not focused on Innovation and Project Implementation for SelfDesign or guiding my two daughters (9 and 13) on their independent learning journeys, I am working to attract partners for two of my dream projects: developing a prototype Flex Space and creating Validify.me – a new way to validate and assess competency.

Children don’t want to be locked away for 7+ hours a day, separated from the rest of the world. They want to be part of the action and make a difference. And most adults don’t want to be locked away in an office or cube farm. They want to fully participate in the world and to be recognized for their creativity and gifts.

If we built a new platform for education and work on our evolving understanding of brain development, human motivation, multiple intelligences, learning styles, and community building, what would it look like? What if we didn’t have to build it using the institutions of schooling and corporations? It would be a Flex Space.

An Invitation to You

This is an invitation to join in this conversation. If you are happy with the school system or are committed to reforming it, good luck to you. This is a different conversation.

To build a meaningful life that you enjoy living, you must align your choices with your personal values, strengths, and gifts. Schooling blocks the discovery of personal values, strengths and gifts. To develop a new platform for education and work, we must understand the difference between education, learning, and schooling.

Once we understand that, we can build a network of Flex Spaces that combine the best of co-working spacesmakerspaceslean startup, and business incubators. The focus will be on CREATING our learning experiences and lives, not on CONSUMING curriculum. People want to MAKE things. They want to make science experiments, movies, books, stories, clothing, food, dolls, toys, electronics, computer games, board games, healthy companies. And they want to PLAY. And CONNECT.

Are you interested in having a Flex Space in your community?

Join us!

“I would have no problem with school if it involved choice. If it allowed students to choose if they wanted to go there, choose what they learn and choose who their teachers are.” – Brent Cameron, author of SelfDesign


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  1. Wow….thanks for this. You writing is eloquent! This is exactly what we need for our children and the masses of children who are languishing away in schools that no longer serve them. We will help create this!

    Tracey Huguley


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